Gentlemens Grindhouse Records


Report on the Barnhouse Effect

Airdate: April 22nd 1950

The assistant to Professor Barnhouse tells the amazing story of the man with the powerful mind, and the people who want to get it…



Tom introduced Matt to this collaboration between Romero and King, but will Matt appreciate it as much as Tom? Let’s find out…


With Folded Hands

Airdate: April 15th 1950

Mankind uses bungling, clumsy robots to serve their needs, but then a new model comes on the market…


Friday the 13th 1 & 2

Friday the 13th 1 & 2: Despite their reluctance to tackle one of the biggest horror franchises of all time, Chris and Tom put out a bumper episode of The Strange and Deadly Show and put Jason Voorhees away once and for all…or do they?


An Introduction to Goreboy Radio – Golden Oldies

Chris Clayton – aka The Goreboy – introduces Golden Oldies, a new archival podcast series that revisits some of the re-discovered Goreboy Radio shows that began back in 2008. Old, raw and untouched, they represent a look back at Chris’ old achievements as a solo podcaster before his return to podcasting in 2014 alongside Tom Elliot with ‘The Strange and Deadly Show’.


Episode 4: No Shoes

Every wrong number ever, ever, ever. A universe of compressed weirdness in voicemail form.

Written and performed by Danny Davies, Simon Meddings, Harry Medium, Marty Perrett, Dave Probert and Ian Todd.

Based on an original idea by the A-Team van