Gentlemens Grindhouse Records


Caged, Chained and Dangerous to Know

Be prepared for an injection of craziness as the king of rambling takes you through a glorious journey of horror movie madness. There’s plenty of horror news, Strange News from Around the World makes a return and there is a special Prison Movie version of The Verdict with reviews of 10 WIP films!


Sleepaway Camp

Matt Dillon from GeekPlanetOnline dropped in for a chat by the fire at The Gentlemen’s Grindhouse. He wanted to talk about Sleepaway Camp, and he said he had a surprise to show us (gulp).


Rotten to the Gore

In another vintage episode of Goreboy Radio be prepared for lots of news, a kung fu retrospective and three movie reviews. All in all, it’s over 90 minutes of insane horror entertainment, as only The Goreboy can provide. In this show, you can enjoy The Watchful Eye, Your Dates Are Here, Chop Socky Showdown (‘The Prodigal Son’) and The Verdict, featuring reviews of ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’, ‘Knowing’ and ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’.


Who Watches the Watchmen?

Tonight, The Goreboy died in New York. Okay, not really, but this IS the special ‘Watchmen’ episode! Not only does this show include all the usual stuff you know and love when the Goreboy comes to town, it also features a HUGE review of Zack Snyder’s ‘Watchmen’.