Gentlemens Grindhouse Records



Inferno. It’s considered a Dario Argento classic, but will it fly with the Grindhouse regulars?

TDCP Front


Broadcasting from their own dark corner of Gentlemen’s Grindhouse Records, Brandi and Dave Jackola (The Insideoutcast) present their new show: The Dark Corner Podcast. This week the topic is resurrection…



It’s back to the Universal classics when Matt presents Dracula. But will this old classic suit Tom’s grindhouse sensibilities?


Frightfest Special

The year was…. ages ago, and the Gentlemen of horror met up for the first time to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at Frightfest in London!


The Abandoned Episode

Back in 2010 Goreboy wrote “Goreboy Radio is going on a brief hiatus for a few weeks. Because of this, I have decided to release the abandoned version of Episode 19, with a newly-recorded intro that explains the reason behind my extended break. There is also around 15-minutes of material recorded for what would have been Episode 19, so enjoy it and I WILL return in the very near future.”

Little did he know it would be four years until he hit the podcast airwaves again with The Strange and Deadly Show!