Category: Goreboy Radio: Golden Oldies

Relive the days of the classic show Goreboy Radio with these recently discovered lost episodes! Horror podcasting at its best!

The Abandoned Episode – Gentlemens Grindhouse Records

Back in 2010 Goreboy wrote “Goreboy Radio is going on a brief hiatus for a few weeks. Because of this, I have decided to release the abandoned version of Episode 19, with a newly-recorded intro that explains the reason behind my extended break. There is also around 15-minutes of material recorded for what would have been Episode 19, so enjoy it and I WILL return in the very near future.”

Little did he know it would be four years until he hit the podcast airwaves again with The Strange and Deadly Show!

Caged, Chained and Dangerous to Know (Alternate Version) – Gentlemens Grindhouse Records

This is an alternate version of the previously released episode of Goreboy Radio. In this episode, you can enjoy The Watchful Eye, Strange News from Around the World, Your Dates Are Here, Retro Spotlight (‘Basket Case’) and The Verdict – Prison Movie Special, featuring reviews of 10 classic (and not so classic!) prison exploitation films.

Rotten to the Gore – Gentlemens Grindhouse Records

In another vintage episode of Goreboy Radio be prepared for lots of news, a kung fu retrospective and three movie reviews. All in all, it’s over 90 minutes of insane horror entertainment, as only The Goreboy can provide. In this show, you can enjoy The Watchful Eye, Your Dates Are Here, Chop Socky Showdown (‘The Prodigal Son’) and The Verdict, featuring reviews of ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’, ‘Knowing’ and ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’.

Jesus Wept – Gentlemens Grindhouse Records

Goreboy returned to deliver nearly 90-minutes of premium horror entertainment. In this episode, you can enjoy The Watchful Eye, Your Dates Are Here, the debut of the new Kung Fu segment entitled Chop Socky Showdown (‘Drunken Master II’), the second installment of Into the Katiacombs with Katia the Horror Hostess and The Verdict, featuring reviews of two new Blu-ray releases: Hellraiser and Hush.

An Introduction to Goreboy Radio – Golden Oldies – Gentlemens Grindhouse Records

Chris Clayton – aka The Goreboy – introduces Golden Oldies, a new archival podcast series that revisits some of the re-discovered Goreboy Radio shows that began back in 2008. Old, raw and untouched, they represent a look back at Chris’ old achievements as a solo podcaster before his return to podcasting in 2014 alongside Tom Elliot with ‘The Strange and Deadly Show’.