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A Kind of Magic

Goreboy returns with another horror-tastic episode of the podcast. In this episode, you can enjoy The Watchful Eye, a brand new segment called Your Dates Are Here (DVD and Blu-ray release dates), The Nasties (‘The Witch Who Came from the Sea’) and The Verdict, featuring reviews of Highlander (Blu-ray) and I Know How Many Runs You Scored last Summer.


The seeds of The Strange and Deadly Show were sown in this very episode of The Gentlemen’s Grindhouse when The Goreboy himself popped in for a chat about the classic sleaze-fest Maniac!

To The Future

While on vacation in Mexico, a young couple is approached by a strange man who accuses them of being… from the future!!

2009 New Year Special

Are you ready for another three-hour episode of Goreboy Radio? Sure you are, bitch! This special episode features Goreboy dissecting a huge list of horror films that are coming out this year. He also reviews Stuck, Trailer Park of Terror, My Bloody Valentine: Special Edition, Black Out and RockNRolla.