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The Fever

A cautionary tale about the dangers of gambling addiction, but does it hold up? Tom finds out…

I Shot an Arrow Into the Air

This tale of astronauts stranded on an asteroid may shound familiar to fans of a certain movie series. Tom takes a look at The Twilight Zone’s return to Death Valley.

Third From the Sun

Tom reviews the second Twilight Zone episode to be based on a Richard Matheson story. Two families plot to steal an experimental ship to escape from impending war.

The Four of Us Are Dying

Another episode of The Twilight Zone featuring someone with a special talent, the ability to change his face at will. George Clayton Johnson contributes his first story to The Twilight Zone.

What You Need

Tom reviews this tale of a man with a talent; the ability to see what you need. But this tale, originally broadcast on Christmas Day, takes a darker path.