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A Penny For Your Thoughts

This edition of The Twilight Zone Podcast is delivered via the power of thought! In order to listen, simply flip a coin and make it land on its edge!

Suburban Legends

Urban legends get debunked (well, most of them) in this episode. Meanwhile, Brandi joins the Girls Aren’t Funny improv and sketch group and Dave completes Minecraft.

Special: A Tribute to George Clayton Johnson

George Clayton Johnson was one of The Twilight Zone’s most highly regarded writers. In this special episode, Tom Elliot pays tribute to the man who brought joy to millions with his stories and lived life by his own rules.

The Invaders

In a podcast of few clips, Tom Elliot takes a look at the Richard Matheson episode The Invaders.

Kicking It

Sidekicks rarely get the spotlight. For this episode they do as your hosts celebrate second fiddles. Also some talk of The X Files, Agent Carter, and The Academy Awards.