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EBM Day 2016

Happy EBM Day! Your hosts celebrate the 24th of February with ten choice tracks of Electronic Body Music. We also review Hail Caesar, Ex Machina, and Deadpool.

Back There

Tom Elliot takes a look at this ripping yarn from Rod Serling. A man is transported back in time to a pivotal event in history in the second season episode of The Twilight Zone, Back There.

Prelude to Back There

Before the next episode of The Twilight Zone Podcast, Tom takes a look at two radio shows with a very similar premise to the Twilight Zone Episode Back There. Submitted for your approval, episodes of The Mysterious Traveller and The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre.

Cheeky Monkey

It is the Year of the Monkey and your hosts celebrate Chinese New Year accordingly. Also we review Spectre, It Follows and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The Story of Dust

Dust, an episode of The Twilight Zone that rarely tops “best of” lists turns out to have a most unusual history, a history that goes beyond its Twilight Zone appearance. In this feature length episode Tom tells The Story of Dust.

Pod Bay Doors

A podcast about podcasts? How metatextual. Dave and Brandi pay tribute to Bowie, cover Comedy Month at the Ziegfeld Theater, and return to the world of Minecraft.