Gentlemens Grindhouse Records

Pod Bay Doors

A podcast about podcasts? How metatextual. Dave and Brandi pay tribute to Bowie, cover Comedy Month at the Ziegfeld Theater, and return to the world of Minecraft.

First Order Problems

For the first episode of 2016 Brandi falls in love with a droid. Dave falls into a rabbit hole of music playlists. Also your hosts review Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The Night of the Meek

Sometimes an episode of The Twilight Zone arrives just where it needs to. Join Tom Elliot as he looks back at a Twilight Zone Christmas classic, The Night of the Meek.

Saint Nick at Night

This Christmas unwrap not one but two improv shows, Saint Nick at Night: an Improvised Late Nite Talk Show and Sasquatch Cowboy.

Barrowman Sings

Your hosts return after Thanksgiving hiatus with new obsessions, more theater responsibilities, and Jessica Jones. Also John Barrowman sings!