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A Penny For Your Thoughts

This edition of The Twilight Zone Podcast is delivered via the power of thought! In order to listen, simply flip a coin and make it land on its edge!

The Invaders

In a podcast of few clips, Tom Elliot takes a look at the Richard Matheson episode The Invaders.

The Whole Truth

It’s back to videotape for The Twilight Zone in this story of a used car salesman. But are they trying to sell us a lemon or are they telling us The Whole Truth? Tom Elliot finds out.

Prom Night – The Prowler

Mid-Level Slashers – After braving some bottom of the barrel slashers last time round The Strange and Deadly Show goes up a few rungs on the ladder to check out two better known slashers, Prom Night and The Prowler to see if they deserve their place in the middle of the pack.