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A Penny For Your Thoughts

This edition of The Twilight Zone Podcast is delivered via the power of thought! In order to listen, simply flip a coin and make it land on its edge!

The Invaders

In a podcast of few clips, Tom Elliot takes a look at the Richard Matheson episode The Invaders.

The Whole Truth

It’s back to videotape for The Twilight Zone in this story of a used car salesman. But are they trying to sell us a lemon or are they telling us The Whole Truth? Tom Elliot finds out.

Nick of Time

William Shatner and Richard Matheson in The Twilight Zone? No there isn’t something on the wing, it’s Nick of Time.

The Howling Man

Following his reading of The Howling Man in the last episode, Tom see’s how The Twilight Zone version measures up.